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Study Skills-Learn how to succeed daily in school!

Studying = Success in High School


Learning in high school takes place inside AND outside the classroom.  If you want to make good grades, you MUST take the time to study.  (By the way, studying is not just doing your homework!)  When you learn how to study, you learn how to manage your time.  Here are some tips and websites that can help you:


1.   Use a calendar or a daily agenda!  This helps you to remember your assignments and other important things.  Using a daily or weekly calendar helps keep you organized. Check out this link for setting up your calendar:


2.    Take good notes!  You won't remember what your teacher taught you if you don't write it down!  Read this link from for more details:


3.   Review, review, review! The Cornell Note-taking method helps you to re-write and review the notes you wrote in class in a way that helps you to learn.  Try this link which helps you create FREE Cornell note paper:


4.   Find a good place to study!  Take this online quiz offered on Virginia Tech's website to see if your study space is optimal.


5.   Use acronyms and abbreviations to help remember information!  Read this link to develop acronyms:


6.   Make flash cards!  Flashcards are especially helpful with vocabulary.  Try this link for great vocab games and flashcards:  Try this link which lets you create, use, and print FREE digital flashcards:


7.   LISTEN and Participate!!!  Your class time is your first and best opportunity to learn what you need to know.  Tune in to your teachers' lectures and lessons.  Read this article to learn more about effective listening and class participation:


8.   Ask questions!  Your teachers are your first resource for help with the things you learn in class.  Your teachers offer after school tutorial every Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:40pm.


9.   Think you've got it all covered?  Complete this study skills checklist from Virginia Tech to be certain that you are studying effectively.