Martin Luther King, Jr. H.S. Counselor Blog

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How can we help you today?

Your Counselor can help you with the following:


Tips for Academic Success (i.e. study skills, test prep resources, etc.)

Tips for Time Management

Test Taking Strategies

Postsecondary Planning (i.e. college, career, scholarships, financial aid)

Tips for Conflict Resolution

Tips for Effective Communication

Help with Anger Management

Personal Development

Planning/Changing your high school schedule

Reviewing your Transcript/Academic Record


Please inform your teacher, counselor, or an administrator if you experience:




Physical Abuse

Threats by Others


 Additional Counseling Services




  How to Access

 Contact Person
  Transcripts/Letters of Recommendation

College Admission



1. Complete a transcript request form located in counseling office or go to to request your transcript electronically.


2. Submit completed form with a blank stamped envelope for pick up

-OR-Bring $1.00 for mailing.


3. Wait at least 24 hours for completion (transcripts ONLY).


4. Letters of Recommendation*** require 2-3 weeks notice. Bring  the recommendation form (part of the college/scholarship application), a copy of your student resume along with an envelope and postage to the counseling office. 


***Recommendation Letters/Forms will not be returned to students/parents.  They must be mailed directly to college/scholarship agency.

 Mrs. Presley/Your Counselor

  Scholarships/Financial Aid Information

Pay for college/technical school tuition/fees


Frequently visit the "Scholarships" page located on the MLK website AND the MLK Counselor Blog website (


Listen to school announcements and watch the video announcements daily.


Schedule an appointment with your counselor.


Visit for HOPE scholarship and grant information.


Fill out the free application for Federal Student Aid at

 Your Counselor

 Fee Waivers (SAT/ACT/College Applications)

Pay for testing/application  fees


1. Students must meet eligibility requirements by qualifying for free/reduced lunch.


2. Sign your name on waiver request list located in the counseling office.


3. Return on Friday(unless you sign up on Friday, return the following week) for pick up.


***Students are allowed up to two (2) test waivers and four (4) SAT college application fee waivers per lifetime.

 Mrs. Presley

 Community Service Information

Meet graduation requirements for Senior English Class Project


1. Pick up log from counseling center.

2. Complete at least 80 hours of community service.

3. Complete form and submit to the required teacher.

 Counseling Office

 Work Permits

  Required for students who are 15 -17 and work in the state of Georgia


1. Pick up a form from the counseling office.

2. Complete the form along with your employer.

3. Bring completed form to counseling office for processing.

4. Return on Friday for complete permit.

 Ms. Presley